Samsung SmartThings

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Samsung SmartThings. What is SmartThings, you ask?  Well, they want to be THE Smart Home ‘brains’ for the masses.  SmartThings consists of a central hub that every compatible device communicates with.  Some devices have SmartThings connectivity built in, while other, less ‘smart’ devices can be controlled via SmartThings […]

The ‘Star Trek’ Home, Epi...

Lately, advancements in smart home tech have been boiled down to apps, automation and voice recognition, i.e. scheduling a smart gadget to automatically turn on or off at certain times of the day, controlling a gadget using voice commands, or remotely from a mobile app. Now… imagine being able to communicate from different rooms within […]

Arktika.1 (Oculus Touch)

Arktika.1 is a fully-immersive sci-fi horror shooter developed 4A Games – the studio that brought us the Metro series first person shooters.  Arktika.1 is slated to be released on October 10th.  Arktika.1 is being designed exclusively for the Oculus Touch in collaboration with Oculus Studios.  So you know they’ll have some amazing high-level interactivity rarely seen […]

MySmartBlinds Automation Kit

Imagine being able to remotely control every blind in every room of your home from just your mobile device. How about being able to automatically tilt your blinds to let in sunlight or shut them for privacy according to different times of the day? Motorized blinds and shades seem to be all the craze in […]

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was released in early March and has been a massive success for Nintendo.  Still to this day, it is very difficult to find one in stores or online!  Just goes to show you that Nintendo is still King of Gaming for all ages! Specifics The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid home video […]

Netatmo – New Presence and Welc...

  Introduction to Netatmo Security Cameras Netatmo announced at IFA2017 that it will soon integrate Apple HomeKit capability into its Presence and Welcome security cameras. The ‘Presence’ Camera     The Netatmo Presence is an outdoor wireless security camera with a built-in 12W, dimmable floodlight. It can be installed by replacing an existing outdoor light […]

Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)

The wait is almost over! Switch owners will be getting a brand new Mario game on October 27th!   Exciting news for all you Mario fans out there!  An entirely new adventure awaits in Super Mario Odyssey.  It’s looking like such a promising title.  Honestly, I’m freaking out with excitement overload here! This is the […]

Mario + Rabbids (Nintendo Switch)

  It finally happened!  Mario has teamed up with a non-Nintendo based IP! You might recall the Rabbids from Ubisoft.  They’ve been featured in so many games in the past, making their debut on the Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation 2, and MS Xbox 360 back in 2006 in the game Rayman Raving Rabbids.  The next […]

Destiny 2

Destiny Developed by Bungie and published by Activision, Destiny is a sci-fi first-person shooter game with MMORPG elements that was released in September 2014 for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, and Xbox One consoles. The setting of Destiny is many thousands of years in the future where humanity has traveled far and wide in […]

What makes a Smart Home?

We’re already over half-way through 2017.  I know you’ve heard the term ‘smart home’ by now.  You may have an idea of what it means, or you may just think it’s just another type of science fiction future that we probably won’t see in our lifetimes (uhm… flying cars, anyone?).  But seriously, there are various […]