IoT by UpMyTech

UpMyTech is launching a line of IoT devices!

I will be creating various IoT devices that adhere to these key points:

  • No Reliance on Remote Servers in China or anywhere else!
  • Local WiFi connection to a Home Assistant (HASS.IO) installation
  • Ability to update and configure each IoT device over the air (OTA)
  • End User will retain ability to flash, configure, and customize their device to their heart’s content!
  • All devices will be built on Open-Source platforms and code will be shared!

Touchscreen Light Control
Replace your old Light Switch with a smart one!
This device will feature a 2.8″ tft lcd touch screen driven by a nodemcu esp32-s microcontroller.  The housing will fit in a standard ‘light switch receptacle’ in the wall and run directly off house power.  You will need to configure it by connecting to it’s broadcast SSID, opening it’s IP in a browser, then providing your specific local WiFi credentials, Home Assistant IP, the Home Assistant Light or Light Group Entity to control, and more.  Once configured, it will reset and connect to the provided WiFi SSID and will then be ready for use!

Other Devices Planned:

  • Server Box with Preconfigured Home Assistant Installation – Plug, Quick Configure, Play!
  • Smart WiFi Thermostats (No more being forced to connect to a server in China just to raise the heat!)
  • LED Lighting of all types.  Once I source the ‘socket bases’ I can also make screw-in smart lights!
  • Multi-Sensor Devices.  Temp, Humidity, Motion, Light, Sound, Moisture…
  • Cameras & Security.  Motion activated alerting.  Locks.  State Sensors…
  • Full Automation of all Devices with Home Assistant.

I am very excited to further the reach of the Open-Source IoT community and at the same time, bring the technology to folks that aren’t as technically inclined.  UpMyTech will focus on bridging the gap between the Open-Source IoT geniuses and … well … everyone else!

Keep checking back for more updates!!

If you have any need for home or business automation, please share your vision with us!  We would love to make that vision a reality!

Warm Regards,
Thomas Giboney
UpMyTech Founder & CEO