Super Mario Odyssey (Nintendo Switch)

The wait is almost over!
Switch owners will be getting a brand new Mario game on October 27th!


Exciting news for all you Mario fans out there!  An entirely new adventure awaits in Super Mario Odyssey.  It’s looking like such a promising title.  Honestly, I’m freaking out with excitement overload here!

This is the first ‘sandbox’ style Mario game since Super Mario 64 & Super Mario Sunshine.  It adds some new features you won’t be familiar with, most notably is Mario’s new magic cap!  You can throw it at enemies, create temporary platforms to jump on, and even use it to ‘capture’ or possess almost any enemy or character in the game!!

The gameplay is largely familiar, however.  It’s your basic movement and jumping mechanics that have made most 3D Mario adventures amazing.

There’s so many never before seen lands to explore, including a mock up of New York City called ‘New Donk City’.  It even has realistic looking humans walking around… why they all wear suits is uncertain, but it’s still very interesting!  There’s actually 10 known ‘Kingdoms’ or areas to explore.  These are the names of the Kingdoms known at this time: Metro, Sand, Wooded, Luncheon, Cascade, Cap, Seaside, Lake, Snow, and the oh-so-familiar Mushroom Kingdom.

To get to these kingdoms, Mario will have access to a hat-shaped ship that can transport him to any one of these places at anytime you wish.  To power the ship, you’ll have to find ‘Moons’ during your adventures.  It’s uncertain how this mechanic works right now, but it may just be a ‘cost’ mechanic… so many moons to travel here, or a few more to travel over here.  So in the beginning, you won’t have complete access to every kingdom.

It’s also said that there will be tons of secrets and hidden areas to find!  This is very exciting.  Even back in Super Mario World on the SNES I loved finding all the points of entry into the ‘Star Road’.

I think I might be most excited at the prospect of taking control of a T-Rex!!!

Let us know your thoughts on this game in the comments!

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  1. Tara Tara
    September 7, 2017    

    So very excited for this!

  2. John Finckle John Finckle
    September 7, 2017    

    Couldn’t agree more! This is going to be one of the best Mario games ever!