Technology has quickly spread to every aspect of our daily lives.  It shows up in practically everything we do.  There are devices that keep us in constant contact with our loved ones, help us to stay healthy, and keep us from getting lost.  But there are specific technologies that small business and home owners can truly benefit from.  I’m sure you’ve heard of the term ‘smart home’ by now, but most people still have questions about what makes a smart home ‘smart’.  Please let this website assist you in answering that question, as well as many others you didn’t even know you wanted to ask yet!

I’ve decided to break down the technologies this website will deal with into 4 categories:

Each of these categories has their own corresponding page which you can use to learn about how technology in these separate fields have evolved and, through automation, how they converge.  Please go ahead and click on any of the categories above to get started!