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If you’ve ever dreamed of having a huge 100″ HDTV but knew you could never afford a $20k television… then why not spend $800 or less on a projector instead of an HDTV?  Gaming while using an entire wall as your ‘screen’ is one of the most amazing experiences you can have in your home.  Not to mention, you can bring the thrill of a ‘big screen’ movie to your couch… no need to worry about any dress codes!

The projector above is an Optoma GT1080.  From personal experience, I can definitely say: it’s an amazing value! This is the projector I’ve owned and used for over a year now and it’s an amazing experience watching movies, playing games (I currently have my WiiU, Switch, & a PS4 hooked up, not to mention PC gaming), and even just surfing the net!

I have mine on the floor under a make shift piece of wood serving as a very short table.  It’s about 5 feet from the wall and about 6 inches from the ground. (yeah, VERY short table.)  From this position, it projects nearly a 150 inch image onto the wall.  Yes, one hundred and fifty inches of screen!!!  I don’t even have a ‘screen’ on the wall, it just bounces off the wall itself.  And it still looks amazing!  I’m told it can look even better with a screen, or if you plan to keep it in whatever room you can paint the wall (and sand/spackle it smooth if it’s textured) with a special paint that would be more in-line with what you’d get with a projection screen.  If I wasn’t renting, I would certainly go that route, and I’d also see about mounting it on the ceiling as well… but I’d have to figure out what to do with the ceiling fan that’s in the way.  Ugh, being limited in a rent house isn’t fun.  But at least it’s a decent sized room with enough wall for such an immensely large screen!

The reason I’m able to project such a large image in a small space is because this is known as a ‘short throw’ projector.  In my opinion, they are the most flexible of all home projectors since you don’t need 10+ feet between the screen and the projector as you do with other types.  Also, the GT series of Optoma projectors are bright.  Really bright.  They may not be able to completely replace a television in a brightly lit room, but with the shades drawn they certainly perform well!  But remember, the darker the better when it comes to projectors.  In my ‘theater room’ I’ve blacked out the windows with black-out curtains and shut the door when watching a movie or playing games.  It makes all the difference!

Pick up an Optoma projector today with the links directly below … if only I had the money, I’d go for that new UHD60 for true 4k resolution!

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